Flower Donations

Giving Flowers -

   Cta Worship

Altar Flowers help us bring flowers to those in hospital and shut-ins throught the year.

If you would like to give altar flowers for a Special Sunday, please contact the church office at (904) 733-1811 or churchoffice@sanjoseepiscopal.com.

Frequently asked questions in giving flowers:

Q: Can I give flowers in Honor of someone?

A: Flowers may be given to honor someone, in memory of someone, in thanksgiving for someone or in celebration of someone.

Q: How much do the flowers cost?

A: Although the cost of flowers vary slightly due to the season, it cost approximately $150 - $200 each week to put the flowers on the Altar.

Q: How much do I donate to give flowers in honor or memory of my loved one? 

A: We welcome donations, in any amount, for the general flower fund to help with overall costs of flowers and needed supplies. Our flower fund is dependent on donations from our members. The suggested amount is $75 however, our flower guild is grateful for all donations to this ministry. 

Q: How far in advance must I make my donation?

A: Please submit your donation at least 10days - two weeks prior to the date you would like to dedicate the flowers. This will give the church staff time to ensure your dedication is in the weekly bulletin.