Pledging and Tithing

Why Should I Pledge?

Pledging, which means you let the church know the estimated amount that you can contribute for the year, is the best way for San Jose Episcopal staff and clergy to determine the future budget. Most people use their past year's earnings as a way to estimate their future pledge.

Pledging is not a binding commitment, and you may up or lower your pledge at any time during the year. None of us can share their gifts of ministry, however, unless all of us support them. Letting the church know HOW MUCH you can support it is an important step in planning for our future.


We have long said that, around here, we are workingpraying, and giving as our collective response to the blessings of God. If you don't already, consider pledging a tithe (10 percent) from your income – which is the Biblical instruction that we are supposed to strive for. As a wise man once said about tithing, "You get to keep 90 percent!" Considering that everything we have comes from God, that is a generous deal.